KrayZ Interview

R&B Rhythms chilled with KrayZ for an exclusive interview. We discuss his start in the game, his process into making music and much more so check it out.

KrayZ you are Las Vegas’s R&B Prince! We thank you so much for your time and beautiful music!

Tell us a little about how you started to sing and the reactions you received from it?

I started singing when I was 13 with my older brother DJ . We always listened to boyz2men and other R&B groups, then it turned into us writing music together. The reactions we got from our friends and family is what kept us going. They were very amazed.

Since you started, you have collaborated with various talents. Which one stood out the most for you and why?

I would say the collaboration I did with Lil V of UGK Records/AZ hustlers and YUNG WAX would be the most outstanding collaboration I’ve done so far. The Song is called “SO FLY”. Those guys taught me a lot in this business. And UGK Records is still such a huge name in Hip-Hop. That was truly a blessing.


Who/what have been your biggest inspiration and influences in the music game?

The night of my very first talent show, I lost my first love when I was 17… she was the one that was supposed to be all big and famous from singing. After losing her, I felt that I would continue her dream for her and always have a piece of her in my music somehow. That would be my greatest influence.

Is there anyone you dream of working with?

I’ve always wanted to work with Michael Jackson. I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan lol. Unfortunately, he passed though. I would really like to work with Marques Houston, Boyz2Men, and Brian McKnight. I have a long list.

Tell us about your first show experience and how you decided on the primary songs to debut-

My very first talent is a night that can never be forgotten. The song that I performed was a cover song to “Love’s A Game”. At the moment that was just a great song to me so I just had to sing it. The crowd stood to their feet. It was a great feeling. The turning point was later that night with the incident involving my first love. I could never forget my first performance.


What was the most difficult period you’ve overcome in relation to your music and what is your highest achievement?

The most difficult period I’ve gone through was trying to make it in a city that doesn’t show love. Then I was dealing with bad management and broken promises. Dealing with a lot of family problems and issues from my past catching up to me all at once. I was ready to stop music all together. But the ones that were very close to me, my family and friends, wouldn’t let me stop. And the more I heard or seen people saying I WOULD NEVER MAKE IT…made me work harder. My highest achievement would be winning the award for best Hip-Hop vocalist/ singer 3 years in a row..then my 4th year I won an award for best urban rapper too.


Which song means the most to you from all of the tracks you have completed and why?

My single “Ride Alone” means the most to me. That’s my goodbye to my first love. My brother DMac wrote the hook, and the beat was Made by Georgio Reed. I shot a music video to it, the director Carlos Berber really helped me a lot with the story line for the video. The reaction from my supporters about it was overwhelming! I didn’t ever think I could make people cry with my songs and videos til i dropped that one.


R&B artists tend to have multiple talents or passions. What are some of yours that people may not know about?

Well I’m very good at extreme sports. From dirtbikes, to aggressive skating. I Started racing BMX, which is an Olympic sport now, when I was 27 now and I’m currently still racing and I manage a national team with a few major sponsors called DIRT ADDICTION BMX.


Have you ever been so moved in the studio you end up freestyling a song right on the spot?

Music itself moves people in general, but it really takes a deep soulful beat for me to do that, and I have plenty of times. My song “Don’t Let Go” was a freestyle. .and it ended up being one of the singles on my next album after perfecting it.


Any last comments or shout outs?

I would like to thank all of my supporters TeamKrayZ, my family for sticking by me through rough times. Thank the man in the sky for guiding me and all the many blessings. And thank you for this interview.

Contact information-

Twitter: @TheRealkrayz

Instagram: @Therealkrayz


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