Jaha Releases New Video “Tell The World”

It has been a while since the world has seen an influential, positive and youth-oriented performer by the likes of Ms. Jaha. The Texas-born singer and business woman who currently resides in New York has been making a bold mark in her community, and she only has more in store.

In her early years, Jaha grew up as the youngest of 10 children in a family with core values in love, encouragement and the arts. As a teenager, she experienced a series of trials that were devastating. Her mother passed due to chronic illness when she was only 14. At a mere 15 years of age, Jaha survived being shot 6 times at point-blank range in a domestic violence incident. Despite these life-changing events, she remained tough through it all. These trials did not put Jaha down, but rather encouraged her natural-born talent to make changes in other’s lives, for the better.

Jaha recently released her highly anticipated new pop single “Tell The World”, which spreads an undeniably positive message to young and mature audiences worldwide.

“Tell The World” is the first of many projects that promote unity, love, and togetherness on a global scale. The video features Jaha celebrating and dancing with youth groups in different settings. One of the lessons Jaha taught on the set was for the diverse group of kids to come together and realize each of them had something special to offer and learn from one another. “It was really fun, the energy was just electric”, says Jaha.

This is only the beginning for Jaha and her message. She will continue to make waves and spread positivity to those who need it. When interviewed, she voiced, “I have a passion for writing songs, stories and scripts. The content of my work primarily targets youths and families. One of my mottos is “It’s a new day. Be joyful and make it count.””

“Tell The World” is now available on Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes.

Jaha has founded the Young Journey Foundation in New York, which dedicates it’s efforts to nurturing youth in surrounding areas through performing arts.

Contact: info@jaha.tv

Twitter @msjaha


Tell The World Official Video

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