Kendrick: One Man Army


Ever since he could remember, Kendrick wanted to be a singer. Continuing in the legacy of music his parents established, he has devoted his life to the study of music and performance. Doing everything he could to nurture his natural abilities, his passion is matched by his determination to entertain the world.

In 2003 he discovered his lyrical talents, and in 2004 he began his recording career. He made many lyric and vocal contributions to local independent artists. Because everyone sounded the same to him, he was driven to forge his music with an original sound.

In 2009 he started production of his first solo project untitled. This project is a result of an endless battle of Kendrick struggling to be in control of his own independent sound. The result of his rebellious attitude ends up in a new direction that goes beyond the “standards” of today’s pop music.

With his impending release, Kendrick is preparing himself in the world for the end of mediocrity.

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