Sammy Hakim is a 17 year-old from Vienna who first showed musical promise at a young age.  She writes her own music, in addition to singing and playing the guitar, piano, ukulele and violin.  She released her first EP, “Locked You Out,” in October, 2011.  As with Locked You Out, her new singles will contain all original material.  Sammy’s lates singles are Fearless, released May 31, 2012, Mark Me, released September 17, 2012 and This Christmas Love Me, was released November 11, 2012. New release 9/17/13 titled “Get a Little Closer” and her EP coming soon “Sammy” to be released 10/15/13.

With success as a pianist and a singer, coupled with her desire to become a professional songwriter, producer, and musician, Sammy was inspired to study additional instruments including violin, guitar and ukulele.  These instruments are highly influential in how Sammy composes and arranges her original music.

“Get A Little Closer” MP3

“Get A Little Closer” – Sammy Hakim

Sammy began composing and arranging songs when she was 13.  Sammy’s songs are inspired by her friends and real life situations. Her music reflects influences of Elvis Costello, Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, and the Jonas brothers. Sammy’s soulful voice pays allegiance to Nick Jonas, Avril Lavigne and Carrie Underwood.  Sammy, aligning herself with one of her music mentors in describing herself as an artist quotes, “I am like Elvis Costello, I write what I feel, pop, county, rock, or hot A/C. Writing and performing music is one of her deepest passions in life.”

This drive and determination inspires Sammy to focus on a deeper understanding of her world and her relationships with people to create her unique brand of pop music that touches people at an emotional level seldom accomplished by young songwriters.

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