DJ John Digweed & John Twelve Hawks Collab For The Traveler

Sci Fi and Music have intertwined in the past, but this is an incredibly unique full circle story and quite the interesting collaboration. The widely celebrated DJ John Digweed collaborated with Best-selling novelist John Twelve Hawks for a completely unique musical sci-fi partnership and soundtrack called “The Traveler” based on Hawk’s best selling triology of the same title.

Based upon a unique story where, upon being inspired by John Digweed’s weekly radio show Transitions, Hawks got in touch with the world-renowned producer and they decided to meet up in “a secret location” to collaborate.

Intertwining sci-fi, music, and the spoken word of Hawk’s Trilogy, “The Traveler” is a unique and fascinating album that provides a listening experience that exists far beyond the dancefloor.

The music draws the listener deep into the world of ‘The Traveler’, brought further to life by Hawks spoken word passages taken directly from the novel. The accompanying physical release features extensive sleeve notes and artwork, making it an extremely collectable item for fans and beyond.

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