Eliot Lipp: Watch The Shadows In Stores October 14th

Eliot Lipp is a Brooklyn based music producer, touring artist, and analog synthesis black belt. Named one of Vibe magazine’s ‘Top 10 Fastest Rising DJs of 2013’, Lipp is on the cusp of releasing his 2nd full-length album with Pretty Lights Music, entitled Watch the Shadows (to be released Oct. 14th 2014 as a free download and on iTunes).

Lipp has pushed his ‘golden age hip-hop meets the synthesizer’ production style into new territory, by fusing soulful organic sounds and all new dance floor mechanics with his classic buttery synth-hop sound, and his undeniably signature melodic charm.

Watch The Shadows is as consistently fresh as it is stylistically diverse. This was the driving factor behind making two tracks available upon the album’s announcement. Lipp explores new genres and styles, yet the album stays true and cohesive from start to finish.

Lipp collaborated with indie-electro duo Cherub on the album’s official single, “The Western.” It’s a no nonsense beat on a minimal yet rugged electronic landscape, traversed effortlessly by Cherub’s beautifully taunting vocals. This track gives a glimpse of the album’s stylistic diversity, but mostly, it’s a hot track that invokes the desire to get down and get dirty.

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