Day of Service, “Remembering the DREAM”

We are raising funds for our: Day of Service, “Remembering the DREAM” on January 19, 2015.

The organization’s goals are to distribute
1) 300 movie tickets for the viewing of the movie SELMA to at-risk youth and their families identified through local churches and group homes.
2) Following the movie, providing food during a time of reflection to talk about real issues affecting our families.
3) Provide round-trip transportation.

The mission at Let’s Make It Happen Together, Inc.
is to provide positive alternatives for at-risk/high risk youth and families in our communities that will assist preventing poverty, hunger, crime and lack of social skills, but will increase the possibilities of high school graduation, college enrollment, gainful employment and a productive social life.

For more information please contact:
Swan: (910) 644-6059
Liz Of L3 PR & Management (910) 723-0794
Twitter/IG/Facebook: LMIHTOfficial


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