Sofia Kourtesis: Berlin Producer Releases ‘This Is It’ EP Out Now

Stunning Berlin producer, songwriter, vocalist, designer, and DJ, Sofia Kourtesis has established herself as a staple of the cutthroat electronic music scene in her European homeland, and now has her sets sites on the States. Her debut EP, This Is It, hears Kourtesis reinterpret the sounds of modern electronic by channeling elements of barraging tech-house, hip-hop, dream-pop, new wave, and more.

What Kourtesis offers is a spellbinding auditory experience that falls somewhere between the minimal sounds of Aphex Twin and mystifying ambiance of Jai Paul. “Her music interweaves shadows and introspection with smart grooves – seductive melancholy,” says Create Digital Music. Whether it be a flea market found MPC, or a child’s toy triangle, Kourtesis utilizes anything at her fingertips to create her innovative sound.

First up off the EP there’s “Timbre,” a culmination of tightly sequenced synth and skittish rhythms that create an ethereal soundscape whose easy listening is nothing short of enchanting. Her production sensibility continues to shine on ‘Killa,’ a moody stand-out track that channels a much deeper meaning for Kourtesis. “’Killa,’ is about my grandma’s death,” says Kourtesis. “I was there when she closed her eyes forever. I felt such a big energy and sense of relief, like a firework, because I knew she would be a star in Heaven.” Aptly described by Vice Thump “[Killa] is house track that caresses your soul.”

Kourtesis pushes forth on her auditory journey with “Las Magnolias” and “Abue,” both co-produced with Gold Panda. The tracks are a smooth evolution of warm tones whose atmospheric vibes resonate deep within our pleasure sector. Finally, bonus track “Fresia” is an aural fantasy of feather light melodies and cavernous synth. Apparent talent and beauty aside, Kourtesis stands as a beacon of light in the often male-dominated IDM industry.


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