Naomi Wamboe ft. Owour Arunga (@NaomiWamboe) (@Owuorobi): Niaje

Artist: Naomi Wamboe ft. Owour Arunga (@NaomiWamboe) (@Owuorobi)

Song Title: Niaje

Label: Independent

Album: TBA

First generation, Kenyan-American singer Naomi Wamboe is breaking into the music industry in a major way! With the release of her single Niaje. With a guest feature from Macklemores trumpet player Owour Arunga, Naomi is due to release many more collaborations with various artists. Naomi’s angelic yet powerful vocal range and passion for singing and helping mankind are the driven force behind her current and future success. Follow Naomi across her various social media accounts and continue to check her website for her latest updates!

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