CHAPPO – The Singularity, EPISODE IV: Entropy vs the 3-eyed Birdwoman!


“Some amazing grooves.” John Kennedy – Radio X

“…ambitious synth-pop psychedelia…many whooshing melodic highs.” Mojo

“I’m rating it as one of the most interesting contemporary psychedelic releases I’ve heard in ages.” Hi-Fi

“Track six is the next single off the album, titled ‘Mad Magic’, it’s got funky guitars, catchy vocals and the same touch of spacey psychedelia as the rest of the album. CHAPPO surprised me with this record, it’s memorable in it’s own special, space-pop, kind of way.” Vulture Hound

Future Former Self’ is the intriguing second album from New York based indie rock band CHAPPO and was released on Caroline International on 22nd January 2016, along with their second single from the album called ‘Mad Magic‘ (which is, this week, having it’s second spin on Radio X’s X-Posure show).Fans can visit CHAPPO’s digital store that will be selling such goodies as signed vinyl and CDs, T shirts and much more. You can visit at the link below.

The album, ‘Future Former Self’, is also available for order on iTunes.

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