Anastasia Lee covers Adele


“Wonderful song. It is wonderful to listen to songs in your voice and one of the most beautiful gifts that God gives to people is soulful singing and that I see in every song you sing. Thank you for singing Anya and bring to the music with his wonderful voice, Soul and light to the songs. Which is something that is lacking in most of today’s music that has only commercial purposes. Thank You Anya.” ~ Rafael

“Wow, I always expect great things from you Anastasia but his version exceeded my expectations, a great song for your voice, perfect cover.” ~ Stefan

“Another fantastic Job, You cease to amaze me with such a wonderful talent…. Well Done Well Done.. Would love to have you sing here in the D.C Area, be it The Kennedy Center, or DAR-Constitutions Hall, etc.. Simply amazing what you do… Awesome.” ~ Palmer (The Singing Policeman)

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