Dasha “LovingYou”


Dasha “LovingYou”

Known for her role in a season of Tyler Perry”s tv series “The Haves and the Have nots’ Dasha is set to release her debut album “The Howard Roark Project”

Since the age of 5 Dasha has been on a Journey of musical expression . Inspired by artists such as Mariah Carey,Regina Belle, Aretha Franklin, Prince, and Chaka Kahn, Dasha is driven to add a new chapter in R&B music with her soulful style and delivery. This project will shine a light on one of Dasha’s many gifts as she has already established herself as an actress, host (on air radio) and blogger. At the young age of 13 inspired by Prince “Dasha” started to develop her songwriting skills which will be heavily displayed on this project. Musically influenced by the full human experience sex,Love,pain, fear,joy and God, The Howard Roark project promises to deliver an experience like no other in music. In a day where autotune dominates the airwaves, Dasha represents a group of very few pure vocalists who aspire to show the world their gift in a business thats evolved to be more commercial than any other time in music. Dasha has allowed her gift to flow like never before in recording studios around Los Angeles while keeping her live performance gift sharp every weekend. Hard work pays off may sound cliché but beyond the bright lights, stage shows, and Tv appearances “Dasha” has never lost sight of the ultimate goal to use her many talents to make a difference in the world. Dasha”s solo debut album” The Howard Roark project” will be in stores October 4 2016

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