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R&B Rhythms Is here with Phil N Good, how’s it going?


You have your new single entitled Juana. Tell me a little bit about the single and how it came together for you.

Yes Juana is a fun track and we collaborated with a very talented singer/songwriter from Barbados, Jus D. Its a love song…but there’s obviously this double meaning with the word play “I wanna marry Juana” and we leaked the record on 4/20 for all of the fans out there.

Do you have a album in the works?

We’re currently working on a handful of remixes and several singles. There’s been talk of a longer length project – EP or LP, but we’re just taking it one step at a time right now. As a rising new artist, it’s important for us to grow our loyal fanbase and establish that “Phil N Good” sound. We’ve got a big remix for Juana that is coming soon and I think a lot of people will be surprised with the international feature for the remix.

Do you have any more upcoming videos?

We’ve fallen in love with this concept of the 360 immersive video and will always look to push the tech boundary when it comes to the visuals and the live shows. We are working on an epic video for Juana right now that we will shoot overseas – for us, the video portion is just as important as the music…

What’s currently playing on your playlist?

There’s so much good music that is coming out right now and we’re fans of a lot of other musicians that we’ve been fortunate enough to rub elbows with – Cheat Codes, Bad Royale, Major Lazer. We curate a weekly playlist on our Spotify page that updates every Saturday with some of the newest tracks we’re into (link is: )

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

We’ve been really focused on the music for 2017 and are excited to start doing shows and touring in 2018. We appreciate all of the fans being patient with us on the live shows – we’ll be on a festival stage near you soooooon.

What is your website info for people wanting to check out what you have going on?

All of our socials are @philngoodmusic and the site is

Appreciate the interview. Are there any last words or shoutouts you would like to get out there?

Thank you to every one supporting FEEL GOOD MUSIC and the idea of bringing back live instruments to the dj sets.

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