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Check out R&B RHYTHMS exclusive interview with AJ Hernz.

R&B Rhythms is here with AJ Hernz, how’s it going?

AJ Hernz: Going great, thank you for having me.

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in music. Who are some of your musical influences?

AJ: I started off imitating Michael Jackson at an early age, performing at talent shows; i’d say he’s been one of, if not, the biggest influencer.

You had some good success with your single entitled Ella. Tell me a little bit about how it came together for you.

AJ: the chorus on “Ella” was originally freestyled by me here at my home studio. I found myself repeatedly asking, “Apoco viniste..SOLA?” which in english means “You really came by yourself?” The song is about a woman I saw out one night, who I was curious about. After piecing several clues together, I gained enough confidence to confront “Her” which means “Ella”.

What can you tell us about any upcoming videos you’re working on?

AJ: I’m finally set in to what feels most natural for me with this urban/latin vibe, so you can expect more of the urban/latin songs to continue to be released accompanied by visuals!

How did you team up with Snow Tha Product? What do you have planned in coming months with her and Woke Productions?

AJ: Snow and I collaborated way back in 2010, on a song for my Versatility mixtape, so we’ve known about one another for some years now. It wasn’t up until Summer of 2016 that she reached out to me to see what I was up to as far as the music went. After explaining my management situation at the time, she showed big interest in wanting to help me get going again and at the same time shared her vision and plans for Woke with me. One phone call led to more phone calls which led to a flight to Cali to meet with her. Fast forward to November of 2016, I join WOKE and hop on a 16 city nation wide tour as an opening act on the Been Woke Tour. The plan is to have more collaborations these coming months and continue to release content!

What are your current thoughts on the state of the music industry?

AJ: The music industry is in a great place I feel, a great place for me to really come into and get a chance to leave my Mexican-American imprint.

What can we find on your personal music playlist right now?

AJ: I’m listening to an interesting mix of artists – just to name a few, Xavier Omar, Migos, J Balvin, Ed Sheeran and Nav’s self titled project. It all depends what mood I’m in, for the most part I’m listening to something that carries some kind of sticky melody or some obnoxious bass. There’s no in between.

Do you have any shows or tour dates coming up?

AJ: I have been doing some shows… in May I was in San Antonio, TX for the annual Retama Springfest Festial, and in June at House Of Blues in Dallas, TX for the release of A.B Quintanilla’s album. We are working on more tour dates now, so follow me on socials to find out more.

What is your website and social media information?

AJ: My website is ajhernz.com and you can follow me on Instagram http://instagram.com/OfficialAJHernz.

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