“The sound of cicadas that chirred like showers end in an instant”
“In the abrupt silence, I realize life’s immense beauty”
“Just the fact that you are in it makes all the difference”
“Even if this were a dream, this is where I choose to be”
Quote from the END of the video:
Suga “Why is it that the happiest of moments usher in sudden fear?”
(Seoul, Korea) August 16, 2017 – BTS today revealed the second video of their highlight reel from the series, ‘Love Yourself’ through the official BigHit Entertainment YouTube channel at 12:00 midnight, (KST) on August 17th, 2017 which is 11:00am ET, today August 16, 2017.

The video starts with Jin’s narration. V recalls a good time with Rap Monster, while sitting on a railroad track, and Jungkook recalls playing the piano with Suga from hearing the sound of guitar playing while painting on the side of a hospital.

Rap Monster is in a bus, and Jimin is looking at a person through his choreography practice video. J-hope is dancing in a practice room and Jin is wearing a nice looking suit. At the end, Suga gives an anxious look when he is holding a vibrating phone.

The episode is like a teen romance movie, which describes the story about the boys pretending themselves because of their lack of confidence in being loved, and showing their emotions.

The Highlight reel is the unique and new promotion for BTS that conveys the concept of the ‘Love Yourself’ series which will continue on into 2018.

NEW HIGHLIGHT REEL Part 2 (almost at 2 million views):

#LOVEYOURSELF Trending #1 Worldwide on Twitter Within the
First 30 Minutes of 2nd Highlight Reel

First Part of the HIGHLIGHT Reel Released on 8/15
Reached 5 Million Views in 24 Hours:

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