Justin Timberlake – Man of the Woods Review

Justin Timberlake – Living off the Land | Tracklist

01. Filthy
02. Midnight Summer Jam
03. Sauce
04. Man of the Woods
05. Higher Higher
06. Wave
07. Supplies 3:45
08. Morning Light (feat. Alicia Keys)
09. Say Something (feat. Chris Stapleton)
10. Hers (interlude)
11. Flannel
12. Montana
13. Breeze Off the Pond
14. Livin’ Off the Land
15. The Hard Stuff
16. Young Man

Finished with the album, definitely warrants a few plays through to define if it’s a keeper, overall I do feel disappointed

From a first impression, my notable tracks are young man, flannel, morning light and say something

The connection between the her interlude and flannel was pretty good, good track, repeated it after it was finished, some substance i was looking for

And again on young man

Again though, this project doesn’t feel like he was dying to put new music out or create a new sound, like on 20/20 part one he had such an absence that he created some of his best work

it’s a logical conclusion that he would need some new material for the super bowl

It wouldn’t be to rude to assume he was half assin’ it for the big payday

20/20 he wanted to make music again, this is like a studio session before the music evolves into a better track, like I really like the track flannel, but if it was worked on more it could have been really special

Dissapointed, but I wouldn’t say it was garbage, a lot of potential for a lot of tracks to grow

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